Magnet and the Magnettes make rock music that seeks to occupy as much space as possible. It’s enormous, cavernous and gritty and it absolutely demands your attention.

Established in 2012, Magnet and the Magnettes started as a solo project for singer Evan van Ramshorst and has slowly developed into an Edmonton-based three piece, comprised of himself (vocals, guitar), Jon Capus (bass) and Bert McClure (drums), that blend atmospheric soundscapes with folk blues in a way not many do. Evan grew up around music his whole life – one of his earliest memories involves his dad handing him a guitar neck and pretending to strum. Years later, he found himself playing in bands, all the while honing his songwriting talents.

“It’s my vehicle for self-expression. I don’t journal. I’m not super efficient at conventional communication, so I write songs.” He said. “Those are the things that mirrored what I was feeling from other people and so it seemed like a natural fit.”

Having self-recorded and produced their music in the past, Magnet and the Magnettes set their ambitions high with their new EP “Where the Wind Blows,” recording it in various Edmonton studios with Garret Niven in the producer chair. The aim was to capture their sound in a bottle and make something cohesive. “Everything’s emotionally driven. Being upfront and powerful and in your face and having that energy carrying everything.” said Evan. The result has been their most engaging release yet, one that sets to capture the world and its scope but doesn’t sacrifice the intimacy of their earlier recordings.

“Normally by the time I’m done recording something, I’m tired of it and I want it out and to start something else.” Evan said. “With this one, now that we have it, I want to sit on it for a while and revel in it for a little bit.”

With “Where the Wind Blows” out in the world and a fresh lineup solidified, future plans for Magnet and the Magnettes involve crafting new music, all the while getting as many people to hear their music as possible. So expect plenty from this fresh, dynamic trio.


"Songs are catchy and well written!...LOVE the interaction and the way [they] played to each other on the stage...[They] made people laugh and connected well with the crowd!" - Dexter Twardzik, Towards Sick Productions, Medical Pilot

“The band has a solid sound, with solid musicianship, great vocals and well-crafted songs that have something to say. These songs are radio friendly and worthy of airplay, as they sound better than most of the music heard on today’s radio stations.” – IndieVoice

“…Frontman Evan van Ramshorst transports the listener on a journey that feels both freeing, like an eagle soaring through the clouds, but at the same time caught in the grasp of something more sinister. An earnest and raw songwriter, Ramshorst grabs you by your ears but you can fill the tug on your heart just as strong.” – GigCity

“As a songwriter, Evan van Ramshorst has integrated a chilling low-fi vibe to compliment solid structure and catchy melodic lines. Through captivating lyrical composition, personal connection and delicate layering, “Where the Wind Blows” is sure to delight the ears of many.” – Brennan Murray, Lusitania Lights

“Where the Wind Blows” took me on a trip through ambient soundscapes and chilling lyricism that I won’t soon forget. What a pure, thought-provoking album.” – Josh Sahunta


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